Demand of Big Data Professional

Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them . In simple words , it is huge amount of structured or unstructured data and needs processing. In the present technological world almost every field is filled with Big Data. It may be social media data to weather data , health report analysis to traffic analysis or stock market analysis to a company's sales analysis to government data . No field is not of it. With such wide application we can imagine the job opportunities that can be available for required skillset . Now we will understand how upgrading our skillset with Big Data technologies can help us to scale new heights in our career .

2)Salary significantly more than traditional technology professionals

Reports have shown that the average hikes for Indian Data analysts is more than 50% their counterparts in other technology. Also salary hikes for job changers is Significantly high.

To conclude we must understand that the future is in DATA. With more new innovative technologies and widespread use of smartphones Data is only going to increase. So what we feel is it would be a right time to jump into the World of Big Data to propel career to new heights.

As the data both structured and unstructured will increase rapidly due to increasing use of information technology , companies will be forced to adopt the Big Data technologies for better service providing and customer service. They will go for Big Data Technology as it is cost effective and can perform at high speeds. With Governments worldwide using Big Data analytics for providing better governance to citizens the requirement for such Professionals is likely to increase , which is not only in private sector but public sector also. Also the range of jobs vary from Big Data Engineers to Big Data Business Analysts.